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OMG do you guys know about ONESHI PRESS?!

Tracy Queen - Cover - by Jayel Draco - half resolutionI’m so freaking excited to tell you this, everybody! After a lot of thinking and preparation, Lynsey G and Jayel Draco, the co-creators of this graphic novel about me, have launched a freaking publishing company so they can get the book out to the world! They tried to have it published by someone else, but it turns out my story is too wild for most publishers. So they’re doing it themselves! I’m so psyched!

It looks like there are a few other projects they’ll be doing, too: A comic book about a roving gang of vigilante dogs called PACK and an art book about a fully developed, beautiful fantasy world called Rendaraia. I’ve gotten a peek at some of the concept art for these projects and they look dope! You can see some of it, too at

And check this out! Oneshi Press is also launching a Patreon page to rustle up some funding. Patrons can donate on a monthly basis to keep the dollars rolling in and the finished work rolling out. It looks like they’re planning to release one finished page of art and text per month, and produce more as they make more money. (That’s smart! Wish I’d had a model like that when I started filming full scenes for my website… Grumble grumble…) Anyway, art books and graphic novels and comics are super expensive and time-consuming to produce, so Patreon seems like a sustainable way to get this started.

Tracy Queen - yellow divider lineHere’s their video explaining the whole thing.

The point is, this is a really awesome company that’s going to be publishing a graphic novel about me (eeee!), so you should check it out! Donate via Patreon if you can, but if you can’t, just Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, share their website, and spread the word! You guys are the best!Tracy Queen - yellow divider line

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