The First 16 Pages of MY GRAPHIC NOVEL Are Out!

graphic novel panel by jayel draco

A panel from OPQA #02

YOU GUYS OMG OMG OMG! Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #02 is available now from Oneshi Press! And it’s got pages 9-16 of the graphic novel about me, written by Lynsey G. and illustrated by Jayel Draco! (If you want to catch up on pages 1-8, those are in the first anthology, also available at the Oneshi Press bookshop.) This anthology also has pages 9-16 of PACK (featuring that super-hot man-dog vigilante, Patience) and Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel by Miguel Colón, and two short black & white comics from new collaborators. And artist spotlights on 4 amazing visual artists! And guest art! And a weird/fun intro comic by Lynsey G.! It’s SO much fun and you NEED to have it.

Here’s all the info, reblogged from the Oneshi Press website!

What’s In It?

Featuring five 8-page comics, a single 1-page intro comic, four artist spotlights, guest art, and more, Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #02 explores independence, heroism, corruption, war, and play, all in one lush volume.


Learn how our hero, the mafia boss-turned-biochemist-turned-pornstar-turned-warlord Tracy Queen, got to know her best friend, the drug-addled raccoon Nikola, in the second installment of Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco’s epic graphic novel! Watch the mutant who wants to be a hero, Lomack: the Giant Warrior Angel, defend the rights of the meek in the installment #02 of Miguel Colón’s graphic novel! Peek into the seedy underbelly of the superhero world with “Confidence Game,” a short black & white comic from Dino Caruso and James Liswed! See a rookie cop with a heart of gold grapple with canine vigilantism in Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco’s gritty comic series, PACK! Ponder the meaning of war games in “Trenches,” a short black & white comic from Brendan Rowe and Creees Hyunsung Lee!

Other Art

Enjoy spotlights on the work of four of our favorite visual artists: Jenelle Leigh Campion, Artist Jessie Smith, Maia Gabrielle, and Jsquared! Marvel at the weirdness of Lynsey G.’s intro comic about a faceless entity named Vague Egg! Chuckle at the ridiculous (fake) ads! Enjoy the guest art! Check out the fabulous lettering by Cardinal Rae and flatting by Flattsquat!

Where to Buy

You can purchase a trade paperback print edition of Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #02 from the Oneshi Press Bookshop, or in digital format from ComiXology or Amazon Kindle!

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