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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #355: Lynsey G.

I enjoy variety, which is why I’m talking with Lynsey G. from Oneshi Press during Episode 355! She’s one of the driving forces behind that company, and she also writes two of the series’ in their Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology series. Right now, she has a Kickstarter project going on for Tracy Queen Volume 1, which deserves your support! ... -read more-

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Tracy Queen Write Up on YNOT!!!

“I felt this was the right time to launch ‘Tracy Queen’ and bring this message of female empowerment home through this unlikely and uniquely American character, Tracy Queen,” Lynsey G said.... -read more-

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Tracy Queen Write Up on BenZINGa!!!

When Lynsey G began her journalistic career she met many empowered women who created the life and career they wanted. But while reporting on the adult entertainment industry and learning the stigma and discrimination facing sex workers and other women for simply expressing their sexuality even before the #MeToo movement began, she knew she wanted to do something to empower women... -read more-

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Write up by Miss Elle

Check it out, even though the book, Tracy Queen by Oneshi Press is still under way, I've already got some really cool media/press brewing.

Read the wonderful in-depth write-up Miss Elle wrote about me, my story, and the upcoming book about me here:
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If you're with Media/Press and are interested in doing an interview with Tracy Queen's creators, or a write-up about Tracy Queen, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact section of this site:

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