David Gueringer

Tracy Queen Destinations, Tracy Queen v1, Tracy Queen V2, Tracy Queen V3

Composer for the Tracy Queen Theme Song

David Gueringer (he/him) is the writer/composer of the PACK theme song. He’s also composed theme songs for other Oneshi projects including both Mr. Guy and The Zombie Adoption Program’s theme song. He and his team at Next Arc Studios created an audio comic of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1 – Arc 1. David is a classically and jazz-trained pianist and clarinetist with over 18 years of performing experience. He takes a musician’s approach in modern composing. Playing in symphonies, orchestras, jazz bands, drum line, and his current band, Doum Sound, David has fostered a love for many styles of music and hands-on experience with playing and structuring a wide range of genres. With the tutelage and expertise of many world-class instructors, including Danny Leake (sound engineer), Dr. Soo Lee (pianist), James Perkins (woodwinds), and many others, he has gained depth in knowledge of performing, composing, and working with audio in a professional setting. Through these influences he creates truly unique audio experiences.