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Hey, you! Welcome to my website!

tracy queen volume 1 cover reveal oneshi press stevieraedrawnI’m Tracy Queen, a self-made adult entertainment icon, a martial arts practitioner, a feminist, a biochemist, and a warlord. You may know me as the woman who went up against Dickie Doublefinger’s porn star army back in 2012, or as the mother of a race of cyborg-clones that kicked his ass. Or you might be familiar with the adult videos I make. However you found me, thanks for visiting!

I love providing the world with an example of an independent, empowered woman enjoying and owning her sexuality. Hey, I’m a fucking role model of sex, OK? In my scenes, you will never see anyone telling me what to do or treating me in a way that I’m not comfortable with; I’m always in control of my body and the action as it takes place. I own my business, my body, and my sex. Look: I don’t work for anyone but myself!

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Oh, I do other things, too, besides having sex. Like, I love Tarmucks™ coffee. And red wine. And Shwiskey™! I also practice my swordplay regularly. I’m also the mother of my cyborg-clone Drone army; I spend a lot of time educating and training them with my best friend, Nikola, who helped me design and raise them.

I’m pretty busy so I don’t update my blog often. But when I do, I answer fan questions, so just get in touch with me if you want to pick my brain! I’m on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, too.

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There’s also a graphic novel coming out about my life! Crazy, right? Lynsey G wrote it, and Jayel Draco is illustrating it, and it’s being released in eight-page increments by this cool indie publisher called Oneshi Press! They’re putting out a quarterly comics anthology, and each one will contain more of the graphic novel! Go get a copy of the anthology now!

I guess that’s all you need to know about me! Explore the site! Enjoy the images of me! Buy an anthology! Send me fan mail!

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The Graphic Novel

So, check this out! About five years ago, Lynsey G., who’s a porn journalist, author, poet, and general writerly type, started writing a graphic novel about me! So cool, right? And then, get this: Multimedia visual artist Jayel Draco signed on to illustrate it! And then—this is wild—their publishing company, Oneshi Press, decided to publish it!

Turns out, making a nearly-300-page graphic novel takes a long time, so Oneshi Press is publishing it in 8-page increments in their quarterly anthology! You can get copies at their online store for now, until the first 36-page volume of the graphic novel is finished!

You can score an inside look at the art as it comes to life, too! The book is being created during Jayel’s live-streams at Twitch, which happen every Tuesday and Thursday night! You can sign in to see him make art of me, Nikola, my friends, foes, fuck buddies, and cyborg-clones!

Tracy Queen - Cover - by Jayel Draco - half resolution

Basically, the book is an epic, sexy, totally-freaking-NSFW, spectacular, gorgeous, feminist, sex-positive, sci-fi roller coaster! It tells my story, starting way back in 2009 when I started out as an enforcer and heir to my grandfather’s organized crime syndicate. Then I met my best friend and business partner Nikola, (pictured on the cover there next to me—yes, he’s a raccoon, get over it), and started webcamming, which led to me becoming an indie porn phenomenon! Eventually I got into trouble with the big cheese of mainstream porn, Dickie Doublefinger…and went to battle against his porn army with my own army of cyborg clones in 2012. (Look. I needed protection, so collected genetic “samples” from my gangbang shoots. I’m a biochemist, and Nikola’s an electronics engineer, so…hey, why not?)

Nikola Facing Dikie Doublefingers Adult Star Armies

Obviously, Tracy Queen the book is going to be fuh-reaking uh-maze-ing! Be sure to check back here every now and then, cause I’ll totally update my blog every time a new anthology or volume comes out.

For more of the juicy, gory, delicious, and nutritious details, peruse the following links! There’s a full synopsis of the book! Bios of the sprawling epic’s main characters! Info on the of real-life adult industry stars who will be making cameo appearances! Information on the book’s creators, and their artists’ statements! And eight pages of the story in each of the Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies!

You can help support Oneshi Press as they work on the graphic novel by buying their books, or by subscribing to their Patreon campaign! And don’t forget to check out Jayel Draco’s awesome live-streams as he makes art for the book!

Tracy Queen Volume 1 now available, buy now