Character Bios


The following is a list of Character Bios from the Tracy Queen Graphic novel.  There are of course many more characters than this, but these are some of the big ones. Enjoy!


Tracy Queen

Our heroine: martial arts master and crime syndicate boss by training, biochemist by education, and independent p0rn star by choice. A sexual creature, a genius, and a powerful soul with a fondness for coffee, red wine, hookahs, and power. Combining cloned tissue created from “samples” of genetic material collected on the sets of her adult films with robotic parts engineered by her best friend, Nikola, she is creating an army of cyborg-clones she calls Drones. Soon she will be the Queen of a race of supermen that can help her take back sex and power for women, redefine pornography for all humanity, and take over the world…you know, maybe. If she feels like it.



More than just a sidekick, Nikola is a hyper-intelligent, coke-addicted raccoon…and Tracy’s best friend. Escaped from a neurology lab where he was the star pupil of an experiment on intelligence in animals, he brings his electrical engineering expertise to lighting Tracy’s sets, filming her sex scenes, and helping create her Drones.

Tracy Queen Graphic novel bio pic of Tracy's Grandfather, leader of the neafarious international crime syndicate known as The Dragon Clan


The head of the Dragon Clan crime syndicate and Tracy’s grandfather. He trained Tracy from a young age to take over for him one day, while he ran guns, drugs, black market items, and occasionally women through the warehouse across from her house. Now that Tracy has left the syndicate, he keeps a close eye on her activities.

Tracy Queen Graphic novel bio pic of Dickie Doublefinger

Dickie Doublefinger

Née Richard Eugene Döpplefinker, known today as “The King of Porn.” An overweight, badly-mustached and -toupeed, hairy, cigar-smoking, and unfortunately small-statured egotist, he is a relic of the pornographic passed. Obsessed with ruling the adult entertainment industry, he is infatuated with Tracy Queen, who refuses to come to LA and work for him. When he discovers that she is creating an army, he responds in kind, forming the Porn Army to defend the industry’s right to destroy American morality, degrade and humiliate its stars, and keep him filthy rich.

Tracy Queen character bio pic of Miss Elle


An aspiring journalist trying to eek out a beat on the adult entertainment industry. She’s known in the industry for doing down-to-earth interviews with adult stars and insightful articles about the world of skin flicks. She finds Tracy fascinating, and beautiful.

Read the write-up Miss Elle wrote about Tracy here: tracyqueen.com/miss-elles-write-up

Tracy Queen Graphic novel bio pic of Natasha Blue

Natasha Blue

“The next big thing” in mainstream p0rn, as predicted by Dickie Doublefinger. A young eastern European woman who became a victim of sex trafficking and wound up in the warehouse across from Tracy’s house. After Tracy liberated her, Natasha moved to LA to look for work in adult films and became Dickie’s favorite. He is grooming her to be “the perfect star” and undercut Tracy’s profits, but Natasha has much bigger plans for herself…



When he was broken down and on his last leg, Dickie found Howie some work and helped him get off drugs, finding his cock worth the effort. As Dickie’s most trustworthy “mope,” he’s sent to New York to spy on Tracy, with whom he immediately falls in love.



Tracy and Nikola’s first Drone creation, the Howie-Bot is unsophisticated and unsightly. He started as little more than a sentient lump of flesh, but over time developed something of a personality. When Nikola finally got the Howie-Lump to merge with a small robotic leg unit, Howie immediately began to display his sentience. He became a beloved lab pet, nestling into Tracy and Nikola’s shoulders as they worked. It was due to his slow growth and development that they realized their plan had a major flaw in the two-decade human growth process. Howie-Bot, thus, was also the first test subject to receive a dose of growth serum, and his adult size is a testament to how far off their calculations were. Weighing nearly 500 pounds and towering over nine feet, the Howie-Bot is a new-age Frankenstein’s monster, but well loved by his creators.


Tiffany Stone

She rose to fame in the mid-90s, when the adult industry was on the up-and-up, and became known as one of the classier of the busty blondes that populated sets at the time. She now owns a martial arts dojo, where she teaches a specialized form she developed for women with bodies like her own, which she calls Porn Fu.


1st Lieutenant

The most intelligent of the first-generation Drones, the First Lieutenant unquestioningly follows Tracy’s every command and sees her as a goddess. As he was one of the first successful Drones, he is not well designed; much of his body is made of cobbled-together robotic parts, and his organic tissue is a bit lumpy. He is emotionally quite developed but lacks of the experience and understanding to express himself well.


2nd Lieutenant

With slightly more personality than the First, the Second Lieutenant didn’t come along until well into Tracy’s experiments with the second generation of more human-like Drones, but he was such a fine specimen of brains, brawn, and ability that Tracy devoted special attention to him. He has a chip implanted in his head with which he can communicate with all the Drones.


3rd Lieutenant

The Third Lieutenant is the leader of the third generation of Drones—more robotic in appearance than the second, but with more organic material on the inside. He is a born planner and logistical genius—he keeps Tracy’s schedule and the training regimens of the other Drones, freeing Nikola up to help Tracy with other things.