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Reporters reporting on the Tracy Queen Buzz

I’ve only just begun and I’m already making noise with the media! Check this Hype!

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My SOCKS-Positive, Feminist Graphic Novel, Tracy Queen, is Being Shadow Banned

“You may have heard whispers about shadow banning—that thing social media platform do where they block or partly block users and/or their content in a sneaky way so that, as Wikipedia puts it, “it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned. The practice seems to have started as a way to defuse purveyors of abusive language and other troll-like behavior in online communities, but the term was co-opted by…-read more-

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support tracy queen: a weird, wild, socks-positive graphic novel

Tracy Queen is a lot like those, in that it celebrates the s*x-positive* values and the labor of s*x** workers…Except it’s weirder. It’s about a woman who makes adult entertainment for a living, loves her life…and is BFFs with a raccoon! And also creates a race of cyborg-clone warriors to protect her from the forces of mainstream pr*n and her own criminal past…You know. Normal stuff.”-read more-

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 Episode 153: All Hail The Queen (with Lynsey G & Jayel Draco)

“The second volume sees the titular character continue her quest for empowerment and independence from her criminal past and greedy adult movie moguls. Oh, did we mention talking raccoons and clone armies? The podcast conversation explores Tracy’s motivations and how they reflect the ideas of s*x-positivity, feminism and the pitfalls of blind hero worship. ”  -read more-

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Smash pages interviews Lynsey G about Tracy Queen

 Smash Pages Q&A: Lynsey G.

Lynsey G. has been working as a professional writer for years, but it’s only in the past few years that the writer and editor turned her eye to comics, writing work like Tracy Queen and Pack. In 2015 she and her partner Jayel Draco founded Oneshi Press, where Lynsey not only publishes her own work, but edits and publishes a semiannual anthology, which just released its ninth volume. ” -read more-

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“To summarize the first volume of Tracy Queen would fail to do justice to the story this graphic novel begins to tell. I can comfortably say that this story clearly communicates the thematic journey that Lynsey G. has in store for Tracy Queen (as well as readers): empowerment” -read more-

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Review of Tracy Queen by Brendan Hykes on RoguesPortal

Tracy Queen Volume 1 is unexpected, to say the least. An action hero with a talking raccoon sidekick, ninja drug-runners, cyborg armies, and a heavy dose of sexualized imagery might trick you into thinking this was a bombastic, over-the-top, but ultimately shallow effort. Upon reading, however, you’ll find instead a sex-positive story that, more than anything, is about finding your identity and becoming comfortable with yourself… -read more-

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Lynsey G discusses her career, learning from the adult entertainment industry, and her graphic novel  “TRACY QUEEN”

“…The two inspirations fit together and became a graphic novel about a fascinating young woman who uses adult entertainment as the vehicle for her own self-discovery…and science experiments…and army. Like you do in sci-fi…” -read more-

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An interview with Tracy Queen’s Writer, Lynsey G.

“It’s time for a new kind of comic book hero—an empowered woman who is unafraid of being herself, even when that means choosing pleasure over violence,” says writer Lynsey G. “We need more stories about women who can be smart, successful, badass, and sexual, too.” The result? An over-the-top, sex-positive, sci-fi adventure that happens to center around … -read more-

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An interview with Tracy Queen’s creators.

“Published by Oneshi Press, Tracy Queen promises to be “an epic, pulpy-sci-fi adventure about one woman’s journey from repression to empowerment … with an army of clones, a battle against the patriarchy, and a zillion sex toys along the way!” There are also cyborgs and a talking raccoon sidekick … -read more-

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Lynsey G guest blogs for MEDIUM.

Promiscuous Women Will Rule the World — And I Wrote a Graphic Novel About One of Them || I wrote a graphic novel about a porn star who does a lot of gangbangs. It might sound degenerate, but I believe that promiscuous women are the biggest badasses around. And hey, I was inspired by science. Allow me to explain.” … -read more-

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Lynsey G guest blogs for Women Write About Comics.

a graphic novel about a porn star. Before you keep reading, take a moment to ask yourself what that sentence made you feel. Then take a moment to ponder why. The sequential art industry is becoming more inclusive all the time, shining lights into hitherto unexplored spaces that aren’t always … -read more-

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #355: Lynsey G.

I enjoy variety, which is why I’m talking with Lynsey G. from Oneshi Press during Episode 355! She’s one of the driving forces behind that company, and she also writes two of the series’ in their Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology series. Right now, she has a Kickstarter project going on for Tracy Queen Volume 1, which deserves your support! … -read more-

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Tracy Queen Write Up on YNOT!!!

“I felt this was the right time to launch ‘Tracy Queen’ and bring this message of female empowerment home through this unlikely and uniquely American character, Tracy Queen,” Lynsey G said…. -read more-

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Tracy Queen Write Up on BenZINGa!!!

When Lynsey G began her journalistic career she met many empowered women who created the life and career they wanted. But while reporting on the adult entertainment industry and learning the stigma and discrimination facing sexworkers and other women for simply expressing … -read more-

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Tracy Queen character bio pic of Miss Elle

Write up by Miss Elle

Check it out, even though the book, Tracy Queen by Oneshi Press is still under way, I’ve already got some really cool media/press brewing.

Read the wonderful in-depth write-up Miss Elle wrote about me, my story, and the upcoming book about me here: tracyqueen.com/miss-elles-write-up

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Get in touch, we’re happy to talk about Tracy

If you’re with Media/Press and are interested in doing an interview with Tracy Queen‘s creators, or a write-up about Tracy Queen, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact section of this site: tracyqueen.com/contact

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