About the book


Tracy Queen - Cover - by Jayel Draco - half resolutionWe’re really excited to tell you about the book Tracy Queen . . .
Tracy Queen is an epic, sexy, NSFW, spectacular graphic novel written by Lynsey G, with art by Jayel Draco and lettering by Erica Schultz, currently in progress at Oneshi Press. Set in the early 2010s and based largely on the true story of a real-life (anonymous) friend of the writer, the novel tells the story of a self-made, independent adult star with a penchant for feminism, an eye on world domination, and an army of cyborg-clones she created using “samples” collected at gangbangs. As her power, fame, and profits grow, the forces of evil conventional adult entertainment gather against her, her gangster grandfather meddles in all of her affairs, and her humanity is found, lost, and found again.

For more of the juicy, gory, delicious, and nutritious details, you can find a full synopsis of the book here, bios of the sprawling epic’s central characters here, a list of the of real-life adult industry stars who will be making cameo appearances in Tracy Queen here, and information on the book’s creators here.

The graphic novel is forthcoming from Oneshi Press, which is funded by contributions via Patreon. If you would like to see Tracy come to life in this epic graphic novel, visit Oneshi’s Patreon page to find out more.