EL NIZAM (he/him) Indonesian Visual Development & Comic Artist since 2014 who focused working on digital illustration, for children illustration till adult themes for private collection, publishing, webcomic needs as


Asinjuasflora (she/her), cover artist for Tracy Queen V3: I Want More is a  digital illustrator & comic artist with more than 10 years drawing & painting experience. Currently pursuing a Concept Art


stevieraedrawn, (she/her) cover artist for Tracy Queen, Volume 1, also provided cover art for Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 6. stevieraedrawn is a digital illustrator & incurable enthusiast of storytelling. She doesn’t

Tangmo Cecchini

Tangmo Cecchini (she/her), cover artist for Tracy Queen V2: Dangerous Experiments, as well as an Artist Spotlight recipient in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 4.Tangmo Cecchini is an illustrator that was born in Thailand

Diana Camero

Diana Camero (she/her) Illustrator of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act1 – Arc III -Muskrat City, and contributor to OPCA 7, variant cover for Tracy Queen V3. Diana Camero is

Jayel Draco

Jayel Draco (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and storyteller. Along with Lynsey G, he is the co-founder of Oneshi Press. As the co-creator of the epic sci-fi-fantasy series Children of