Tracy Queen licking her lips

Tracy Queen: Self-made adult star, martial arts expert, feminist, biochemist, and badass.


Nikola: Electrical engineer, moral compass, coke addict. Oh, and raccoon.


Dickie Doublefinger: Self-appointed "King of Pr0nz," moral nadir of America, gold-chain enthusiast.


Follow Tracy and Nikola, and their p*rn star friends, as they raise an army of cyborg-clone Drones to fight Dickie and his forces of the pr0nz status quo for the sexual soul of the nation... or take over the world for themselves. Whichever.


Theirs is an epic tale of sex! Drugs! Violence! Cyborgs! Mafia! Espionage! Love! Despair! Feminism! Adult stars! Moral conundrums! KABLOOEY!


Tracy's creators are currently seeking a publisher to help them share this fantasmagorical story with the world. Interested? Know anyone who is? Contact us! Want to find out more about Tracy? Or the other characters? Read Tracy's blog? Or meet the real-life adult stars making cameos in this genre-busting graphic novel? You've come to the right place.