About Tracy

TQ-2012-09-04-webHi! Welcome to my “About tracy” section of my site . . . I’m Tracy Queen! Thanks for visiting my site! I guess this is where I do a bio or a “mission statement” or something. So… What to say about myself? I’m a martial arts expert (don’t even ask what kind of martial arts or what level). I went to college for biochemistry and briefly pursued a career in that field before I decided to take some time off and find a different path. I worked for my grandfather’s… um… company… for a while, and then I found a very, very different path.

Now I’m a self-employed, independent adult entertainer (aka a p0rn star). I get a lot of e-mails asking why I decided to do sex work instead of becoming a doctor or scientist, and I’m always like, “Um, because… sex.” Seriously, I love sex and I love making money at it. And on top of that, I love providing the world with an example of an intelligent, educated, independent, empowered woman enjoying and owning her sexuality. I’m a fucking role model of sex, OK?

In my scenes, you will never see anyone telling me what to do or treating me in a way that I am not comfortable with. I am always in control of my body and the action as it takes place. I own my business, my body, and my sex. I don’t work for anyone but myself, even though some of the adult industry people in LA will not leave me alone about going out there to work for them! Like I’d do that, when I’m making money for myself and getting super-famous doing it! Hah!

ANYway, I think women have been treated like property for too long because we have been too afraid of being called sluts to take back our power. But I’m showing the world that the word “slut” doesn’t mean anything to me, especially since I’m making more money than anyone who calls me that! I love what I do, I profit from it, and I even pay royalties to my costars, to be sure that everyone involved is being fairly compensated for their work. I think I’m not the only person doing this, but I don’t really get involved with industry stuff so I’m not really sure.

TQ-2013-02-10-webI do other things, too, besides having sex. Like, I love coffee. And red wine. I practice my swordplay regularly. I have some other projects I’m working on that are super-secret, that might be pull in some of my love of science and fighting, but you’ll learn about them pretty soon. I’m pretty busy so I don’t update often, but when I do, it’s on my blog. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, too, when I’m not running myself ragged with other stuff. I answer questions on my blog, so just get in touch with me if you want to pick my brain!

I hear there’s somebody writing a book about me. A graphic novel. I’m not sure what that’s all about because I really don’t give out interviews anymore, after this one reporter kind of screwed me over one time. But I’m ok with it. Seriously, who doesn’t want to have a graphic novel written about them? If you can’t find the information you want in my blog, you can probably find more from the book when it comes out. It’s being created by this indie publisher called Oneshi Press. Check them out!

I guess that’s all you need to know about me! Send me fan mail, or, hey, I even have an Amazon Wishlist! You should probably buy me stuff.