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Download Free Sample of the Tracy Queen Comic book!

free sample tracy queen oneshi press
Click the pic to get your free sample of the first 8 pages of Tracy Queen!

Wanna see what all the fuss is about? Click on that image above to download a free .pdf sample of the Tracy Queen comic book from the Oneshi Press Patreon campaign.

Oneshi Press is extremely proud to announce the release of a free downloadable .pdf sample from our epic graphic novel, Tracy Queen!

Our hero, the indomitable Tracy Queen, is a self-made success: a scientist, a former crime boss, a martial arts expert, mother to a race of cyborg-clone warriors, and a world-famous independent adult content creator. Her story is full of mystery, violence, friendship, humanity, science, and sensual discovery.

Written by Lynsey G, illustrated by Jayel Draco, and lettered by Erica Schultz, these eight pages from the beginning of her story will give you a taste of this sprawling, epic graphic novel.

-Oneshi Press

Wowzers you guys! Those kids over at Oneshi Press really got this all together! Go check it out! It’s free!!!
I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!