Tracy Queen - 2012/11/13 - blog post selfie

TedEBare2011 asks:

Are you a feminist?

And I answer:

Feminism . . . hmmm . . . I don’t really like the term “feminist.” So many people have used this in such a negative way that the word now implies “man-hater” and “anti-porn” to a lot of people. I’m not either of those things. I love men—especially in bed—and I make porn. But I do believe in equal rights for women, and I do think that there are millions of women in this world who don’t have them, and I definitely believe in standing up for their rights.

I also think one thing that most people don’t think of when they think of feminism is that women deserve to enjoy and feel proud of their sexuality. A lot of people, men and women, are taught to be ashamed of their desires and to never act sexually in public. But I recently discovered that showing my sexuality publicly has made me feel powerful, brave, and more alive than I ever did before. So I’m trying to make a statement that I don’t do porn because I’m desperate for money or because I have no other options: I’m a scientist and a martial artist and I have lots of options. The truth is, I think making porn that shows off my power can help other women find their own sexual power. I think it’s important to show that I’m not ashamed of my body or my sex. And nobody else should be, either. Especially women, who have always been told that sex is shameful and that only “bad girls” do it, especially on camera. So I guess maybe that’s kind of feminist of me.

So I guess, depending on your definition of “feminist,” I might be one or I might not.

Wow, that one got LONG! Sorry!

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