Tracy Queen - Miss Elle Write-Up

TitsNClits4Sale asked:

Are you going to try to crossover into mainstream? You’re smart and talented, and I bet you can sing and act, too. Lots of porn stars want to be mainstream celebrities.

And I answered:

I thought about it for a while. I was thinking of becoming a singer. But I put together a few tracks and sent them out to agents, and I basically got laughed at. Lots of porn stars have “crossed over” into mainstream, but they get more raised eyebrows and chuckles than respect as artists. We’ve still got a long way to go until a woman who did porn can be respected as an actress, performer, musician, artist, or whatever, instead of “Oh, yeah, that girl who used to do porn.” I don’t want to try any of that till the climate has changed, and I’m working on some plans to make it change.


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