Draw ME for Inktober & Get Published!

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It’s almost October, and I want to see what you think of me. So I can get you published.

Draw ME for #Inktober 2018!

October is #Inktober, when artists around the world create daily images and show them off online. It’s totally f*cking awesome, and this year, I want in! So I’m inviting every artist out there to make art of ME for #Inktober 2018! (And of Nikola, and my cyborg-clone warriors, and my friends, and my enemies, too. Natch.)

Look, let’s be real. I have a talking raccoon BFF, a seductive superpower, and a degree in biochemistry, but deep down, all I really want is world domination. And every image you make of me brings me one step closer to my nefarious goal!

LOL, just kidding! I don’t want to dominate the world…unless the world is into being dominated. In which case, tell me your safeword and your hard limits, and I’ll go put on my latex.

Wait. What were we talking about?

Oh, right! #Inktober this year is going to be #Queentober, too! Check out the Art Gallery here on my site for visual cues! Read about my wild story for even more inspo! You can even nab 8 pages of my graphic novel in each of Oneshi Press’s indie comics anthologies, available in print and digital formats.

Also, make sure to hashtag your images of moi with #Queentober, #TracyQueen, and #Inktober, and tag Oneshi press on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure they see see them. Because…

Your Art Might Get Published!

When the month is over, Oneshi Press will announce their favorite images…and tell you which ones will get printed in Issue #01 of my graphic novel! Yup.

YEP! You heard me! In October, Oneshi Press is launching a Kickstarter for Issue 1 of Tracy Queen—the epic, pulpy, sexy, sci-fi graphic novel all about YOURS TRULY!  My journey from repressed mafiosa to liberated adult star is going to be massive, and I want you to be part of it.

So, I’ve convinced the Oneshi folks to reserve a few pages of the first issue for your #Queentober art!

Keep Up with ME (and Get a Preview of the Graphic Novel)!

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Oh, and you’ll get a free 8-page sample from Issue 1 of Tracy Queen! Um, can you say “win-win”? Subscribe now for all the goodies!

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