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I decided to get with the times and get a Tumblr. I’m pretty bad at using it right now. I don’t get Tumblr at all. Like is it supposed to be tumblr, lowercase? Or what?

I don’t get the acronyms. What is RN and AF and stuff? I’m so confused.

Am I old?

Anyway, go to my tumblr or Tumblr or whatever. I think I’ll mostly use it to tweet or tumbl or post gifs or whatever of coffee and fan art of me.

Check out my tumblr page, or profile, or whatever here: tracyqueen.tumblr.com
Feel free to like me, or follow, me or tweet me or whatever.

I’ll be posting lots of stuff like this:

Tracy Queen - Pouting wine - Animated Gif

Tracy Queen - yellow divider lineLets get closer. To get a feel for who I am, And don’t forget that the best place on the web for Tracy Queen is tracyqueen.com Learn all about me!

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