So I posted the other day about my accidental threesome, and I’ve been doing some thinking.

I’ve been filming new scenes about once a week or so for the past few months, and I’ve been doing webcam solo stuff in between those, but I’ve been so bored anyway.

I think I need to take it to the next  level. Keep pushing myself and my philosophy to prove that I can do it. Show my power. Get more of it. Keep working.

Tracy Queen - I'm here for the gangbangAnd so, in six days’ time, I will be performing my first-ever seven man gangbang right here on my site, streaming live from Brooklyn, NYC!

It’s going to be a massive undertaking! I want you to come watch it!

Don’t be worried, fans! I know that when you hear the word “gangbang” you probably think of some poor woman surrounded by men and being slammed mercilessly from every angle. We’ve all seen videos like that.

But NOT THIS TIME! This is going to be a performance art experiment in female empowerment. I am going to own these guys. I promise you, you will never have seen anything like it!


Pretty soon you’ll be able to see the fruits of my multiple-partner work at tracyqueen.com!

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