New Video from Oneshi Press!

So in case you hadn’t heard by now, Oneshi Press is making a graphic novel about me! They’re an independent publishing company, funded mostly by their community of supporters on Patreon. Right now, they’re working on my graphic novel, a comic book, and art book. I’ve seen samples of them all, and the books are totally gorgeous. Naturally, I’m psyched that they’re doing a book about me! And, hey, check this out: They made a new video about who they are, what they do, how they do it, and how you can get involved.

The co-founders, Lynsey G and Jayel Draco, talk a lot about me and my story. And Jayel Draco made this fantastic animation of a scene from the graphic novel for this new video! It shows me and my bestie Nikola leading a cyborg army into battle, and it’s fucking badass. Watch it and love it, and share it, too!

Anyway, if you can, subscribe to their Patreon and help them get these books done! The more you can give, the faster they can get this graphic novel out into the world! And consequently, the more of ME will be in the world at large! And we all want that, right?

Watch the new video, find them on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr, and follow them on Patreon, too! They’re one of very few indie, feminist, sex-positive, me-friendly publishers out there. Since there aren’t many, you should def support the ones there are.

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