No LA for Me, NotDickie

NotDickie56 asks:

When are you going to go to LA to work with the big names in porn?

And I answered:

Pfffffft, never. Don’t get me wrong, there are probably some great people in LA. But I like it here in Brooklyn, and I get plenty of people to work with me here, and I like them just fine. Most of the people in LA want me to work for them, to take some money from them and never make any royalties on my performances. Why would I do that? That’s stupid. Porn in LA is kind of dumb.

I make residual money on everything I sell, and so do my co-stars. I like that way better than one-time fees, or paying an agent or manager, or having to do certain things for certain people. So, yeah. Not doing it, “NotDickie.” Btw you’re totally Dickie.

Tracy Queen - notdickie

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