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Patience and his Dogs of Virtue. SO SEXY, RIGHT?!

You might remember that I have a majorly huge crush on the lead character from Oneshi Press‘s gritty comic book, PACK. I’ve definitely, um, mentioned it here and there. Listen, the guy is HOT. And he’s got that dangerous appeal going, too. The kind that comes with having thrown off the yoke of society to go feral and run with a pack of vigilante dogs. Plus, he’s so mysterious–that dog mask he wears to protect his identity and to keep him closer to his four-footed packmates? It’s just so sexy.

And, oh, I like the comic, too. I’ve read every installment in the Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthologies so far! AND! PS! I make a super-stealthy cameo appearance in it. JUST SAYING.

Aaaanyway, here’s the thing: Oneshi Press is running a Kickstarter to get the first full issue of PACK printed! You’ve got to help them! I wish I could pitch in, but I’m a fictional character and I don’t actually have a bank account. Or a credit card. So I can’t do much.

But YOU can! The same team that’s making my graphic novel is behind this comic: Lynsey G. is writing, Jayel Draco is illustrating, and Cardinal Rae is lettering. They’ve already got the first issue ready–they just need your help printing it! Soooo, here’s all the info! (Reblogged from LynseyG.com.)

patience dogs of virtue dog pack comicbook oneshi press tracy queenAbout PACK

PACK is a gritty comic book series that tells the tale of the 6 stray dogs—and 1 stray man—who put crime under the fang. In Brooklyn, where gentrification is king and corruption runs deep, the only way to stay safe is to assume everyone is on the take. On such lawless streets, these pups protect the innocent.

But their vigilantism draws attention from all the wrong places. Politicians, city planners, press, and police start to close in, looking to put a stop to the PACK’s reign of brutal justice. Soon, one rookie cop must try choose a side before it’s too late…

humility mutt small dog oneshi press pack comicbook tracy queenAbout PACK #01: Humility

Each member of the PACK—both the dogs and the man—has a backstory. Some are tragic, some are mysterious…and each one will be told in its own standalone issue of PACK.

Oneshi Press is raising funds to print 1,000 copies of the first 24-page issue of this seven-part comic book series: PACK #01: Humility. Humility is the smallest and newest member of the PACK. A Chihuahua–Bull Terrier mix who doesn’t really live up to his name. He’s proud, fierce, and notorious for riding the mastiff Chastity like his steed.

In PACK #01: Humility, readers will learn where this proud little ball of energy came from, how he became a member of the PACK, and where these vigilantes fit into the Brooklyn streetscape.

yeah puppies oneshi press pack comicbookWhat Oneshi Press Will Get

The writing, art, and lettering for PACK #01: Humility are already 100% complete! The pages have been published in 3 parts, in 3 issues of the Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology. Now, it’s time for Humility to get his own 24-page, standalone comic book!

We need to raise funds to print PACK #01: Humility! With your backing, we’ll produce 1,000 printed copies of the standard comic-book-size issue. That should be enough to send out to backers with some copies left over to bring to conventions, sell on the Oneshi Press website, and send out to press, comic shops, and elsewhere!

Your support will help us get the word about these brave vigilante dogs out into the world, and get this gritty comic book series off to a paw-sitively excellent start! (Sorry. Couldn’t resist a “paws” pun.)

pack comicbook shwag prints stickers rewards oneshi press tracy queenWhat You’ll Get

All our backers will receive PACK #01: Humility, in digital or printed form! We’re also excited to offer rewards like shwag packs of stickers and postcards, signed art prints, original sketches of the dogs, cameo appearances in future issues, and even original penciled pages!

You’ll also get the warm, fuzzy feeling of supporting an indie comic and the team behind it! Personally, we love warm fuzzies, especially when they’re attached to dogs. Don’t you? Head over to the Kickstarter to support it with some funds or by sharing it on your social media! Every little bit helps!

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