I’ve been having sex on camera with a lot of people lately and it’s pretty great! So glad I decided to work with other people! I’ve also decided that instead of paying a flat rate like I guess a lot of porn people do, I’m going to pay royalties to all the people who perform with me.

Racy Queen - 2009/12/09 - Blog post selfiePersonally, when I found out that most porn stars don’t make residual money on the work they do, I was shocked. That’s just stupid. Every other kind of entertainer who records their entertainment—writers, actors, musicians, etc.—all make money long after they create their work, but not porn stars! Apparently most porn actors just get paid a one-time fee and bugger off.

XXX ≠ $$$

Well fuck that! I’m selling my videos online for profit, and why shouldn’t the people I work with, who helped me make my content, get some?

It’s more complicated when payments come in, but it’s not that hard to do, and this way everyone is making a little money to help them along when times get tough. Creative people need to help each other out, yo! And let me tell you, dudes, porn is definitely creative work.

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