Sleeze by The Soundweaver

How Cool is this???

“A trip down a sticky hallway leading to a party room with trippy flashing lights and a shiny pole and places to flop down for a hit off the hookah! inspired by my friend Jayel Draco’s art www.jayeldraco.com and Tracy Queen www.tracyqueen.com written by Lynsey G.”

Jack Schell!

My good friend Jack Shell The Soundweaver – came out with a new song and he said it’s based on me!
Yup, I have a song based on me! It helps to have good friends in high places 🙂
First a comic book based on me, written by Lynsey G and Illustrated by Jayel Draco, now music by Jack Schell!


Tracy Queen - yellow divider lineHit up my the rest of website for more about that comic book, peeps! TracyQueen.com!

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