8 New Pages from my Graphic Novel! Now in OPQA7!

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2019 is here! And with it come eight new pages from the epic graphic novel all about me! These pages show me being a total f*cking badass, taking out some really horrible people when I catch them in the act of degrading women. Then I spend some time plotting my revenge—which comes in the form of ethically made porn where I show the world what empowered female sexuality can look like. Hell. Yeah!
The new pages are out now in the 7th Oneshi Press anthology. This one is gorrrrrgeous, with cover art by Walter Ostlie, seven short comics (including the pages of the new one) and like a zillion guest artists inside…and they all did guest art of ME! Not gonna lie, this is probably my favorite anthology yet!

Peek Inside

Here’s a preview of the 58 pages of indie comics and art lurking inside the cover by Walter Ostlie! Let these short comics and guest art infiltrate your mind as you leave your expectations behind. It all begins with an alien love-fest in the introduction by Renamecard.
renamecard alien stars opqa7


Then, watch me kick some ass, save some people, and make gigantic plans for world domination through female empowerment in the next eight pages of the graphic novel about your truly by Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco,

tracy queen nikola gas can opqa7 jayel draco


Meet a homeowner with an undead pest problem in The Zee Brothers, Zombie Exterminators: Mini Comic Part 1 by Grivante, Samir Simão, and Brent Sterling.

zee brothers zombie omelet grivante brent sterling samir simão opqa7


Next, wince along with Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel, Issue 02 Installment 02, by Miguel Colón.. Here, the big blue mutant toys with his captors…even as they try in vain to break him.

lomack opqa7 miguel colón


Just try not to “Crumple” when you grasp the truth of Installment 01 of this sci-fi adventure from Kyle LawrenceBo Christian, and Mac Radwanski.

crumple it's worse opqa7


Check your ick factor at the door for “Guts,” a short comic by Lynsey G. and Diana Camero! But bring along your respect for kitty killer instincts!

guts panel opqa7


Finally, visit the lush fantasy universe of Children of Gaia, where two fae scouts outrun invaders in time to find “Refuge,” as written and illustrated by Jayel Draco.

refuge river scene opqa7 jayel draco


These seven gorgeous short comics come along with an elegant cover by Walter Ostlie! Enjoy guest art from Jacey ChaseKael McDonaldHotarujra, Renamey, Pink PitcherJsquaredX Cat DarknessShaydensDoodle, and Xavier Hart! And experience lettering by Cardinal RaeNikki PowersShort Fuse Media, and Letter Squids; and flats by Flattsquat.

Oneshi Press Anthology #07 is available now limited-edition trade paperback! Order now and check out the new pages of Tracy Queen!

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