I like weird art, okay

Tracy Queen - tumblr AMA - 2013/01/26

BudzIzThugLife1997 asked:

What’s that thing behind you in the pizza pic? It looks like an alien is it glowing?

And I answered:

What thing? You mean the pizza boxes? Oh the glowing thing! That is totally just an art piece that I bought recently. I haven’t quite found the right spot for it yet so… it’s just… lurking in the living room! Hah! I know I have weird taste, huh? Don’t worry it’s totally not an alien! Or a cyborg. Or anything. No worries, guys. It’s just part of my decor. Art. I love art. And pizza.

Anyway, “BudzIzThugLife1997” were you born in 1997? Are you even old enough to be on my website? … Oh wait. Holy shit you might be. Shit I’m old.

Um… anyway go check out the rest of my website, TracyQueen.com. There’s more of me there. . . much more

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