Overused punctuation and overasked question

Tracy Queen - overused punctuation

zuzuhammerpants said:

Why do you do gangbangs? It’s demeaning?! If you want to be respected not treated like a object like you say then stop doing gangbangs!!!! Thats a slut thing to do Tracy?!?!

And I answered:

Why do you overuse punctuation?! Personal choice?!?! Or hysteria?!?!?!?! OH MY GOD WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Seriously, though. I get asked questions like this a lot, and the usually come along with a whole buttload of judgment about my dignity, character, integrity, humanity… And so on. And that’s dumb.

Look. In my “adult films” I do what I want to with whom I want to when I want to, and then I release the footage for the enjoyment of whoever wants to watch it. If it’s not your thing, that’s totally ok with me. You can feel free to not buy it, and I will feel free to not care.

But if you do decide to buy it and watch it (and jerk off to it) then don’t get all high and mighty with me about the moral implications of my work. Even if you’re only interested because of morbid fascination, you’re still interested, so don’t act like you’re somehow better than it.

But to answer your real question (why do I do gangbangs) the answer is actually pretty simple: I like them. I don’t see them as demeaning. Quite the opposite: I see them as a test of my skill, athleticism, performance talents, and  multitasking abilities. It might seem like a “gross” or “demeaning” act to you, but I’m willing to bet that you have never been in the middle of one. Let me tell you something: when I’m performing in a group sex scene (or “floating” as I like to call it), I am not mindlessly fucking my way around a circle, feeling like a whore. I am actively participating in a multifaceted, multilayered, logistically complex performance. The amount of physical sensations I’m experiencing, along with the demands placed on my mind and body, is almost overwhelming. In order to get through the scene with the style you’ve come to expect from me, I need to be focused, in control, and highly motivated. It’s not easy. It’s a challenge. And I love a challenge.

I also enjoy multiple orgasms, of course, and being the center of attention of a group of people. And rather than letting that group of people see me or treat me as an object for their use, it’s my goal in my “floating” scenes to be the active center of the scene. To be the one person who is taking control and meeting everyone’s needs, while also enjoying myself.

It’s like when a person who really enjoys organizing people and events gets to plan a whole convention. Or hiring a marine biochemist to create an entire ecosystem for an aquarium exhibit. It’s the perfect situation for me. It makes me feel alive. My brain and body are both fully engaged. It makes me feel powerful.

And, you know, I also do non-group scenes. I’ve got a bunch of one-on-one shoots coming up with some really amazing people. So stay tuned! And stop judging me! Just enjoy the scenes!


Aaaaaanywho. Go to my website for more info and lots of great artwork and everything! TracyQueen.com

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