My current diet… Pizza

This is me. At this moment. Om-Nom-Nom. . .
This is me. At this moment. Om-Nom-Nom. . .

My diet right now consists of coffee, red wine, whiskey, and pizza.

LOTS of peetzaaahhh. I just love it, don’t you? All 4 basic food groups with each bite! I’ve taken a lot of bites! I’m either going to get tremendously overweight, which could be awesome, or I’ll develop an ulcer and everything will spill out of my stomach and I’ll waste away to nothing. That wouldn’t be so awesome, but I don’t care which happens. Because coffee is my lifeblood, red wine keeps me sane, whiskey is necessary for survival, and pea-eye-zee-zee-aye is delicious. And I’m not changing. I’ve never been cheesier. Or greasier. Or happier.

The More You KnowDid you know: “The word pizza was first documented in 997 AD in Gaeta, Italy, and successively in different parts of Central and Southern Italy. The precursor of pizza was probably the focaccia, a flat bread known to the Romans as panis focacius, to which toppings were then added. Foods similar to pizza have been made since the neolithic age. Records of people adding other ingredients to bread to make it more flavorful can be found throughout ancient history.” —wikipedia

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