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I just adore the folks at Oneshi Press, you guys. They’re publishing a graphic novel about me, in case you haven’t heard. And they wrote a whole blog post about my life, my book, where to download a free sample of the graphic novel, and how you can buy the first 16 pages! I’m reblogging with permission below. XOXOXO!

tracy queen graphic novel cover by jayel draco lynsey g

Oneshi Press is an independent publisher of comics books, graphic novels, and art books. But we don’t just publish them—we create them, too. Two of our graphic novels are written by our co-founder Lynsey G and illustrated by our other co-founder, Jayel Draco. This creative team is creating two gorgeous, immersive, progressive graphic novels set in overlapping worlds: Tracy Queen and PACK. We’re publishing both, eight pages at a time, in our quarterly comics anthologies.

We thought you might want to know more about them, so here’s some background on our feminist, sex-positive, sci-fi epic, Tracy Queen!

Tracy Queen

tracy queen nikola on howie botTracy Queen started life as a mafia boss’s granddaughter, but she wanted more for herself. She earned a degree in biochemistry, but ended up working in the “family business” anyway. Then she meets a runaway lab raccoon—Nikola—with a genius-level IQ and a raging coke addiction, who changes her perspective. Tracy leaves her grandfather’s crime syndicate and sets off on a journey of self-actualization. Along the way she discovers the joys of sexual empowerment and decides to spread the word—by making porn.

The wildly successful indie porn star struggles to navigate the corporate porn megalith, her grandfather’s meddling, and her increasing paranoia. She and Nikola create a race of cyborg-clone warriors to protect her from the powers of sexual repression. But as she gears up for war, Tracy falls in love. Can she win the war for the soul of feminism and pornography before losing everything she’s grown to love? Tracy Queen is a story about what it means to be human, to love oneself and others, and, of course, to take over the world. With cyborg-clones. And sex.

Where to Find Tracy

Tracy isn’t just a character in a graphic novel. She’s a well-rounded part of our lives here at Oneshi Press. Based on a real person (whose identity we will forever protect), Tracy has grown into a powerful being. She has a social media presence on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr. She maintains her own blog where she takes questions from fans. And lots of fans have created concept and guest art devoted to her!


Find out how Tracy meet Nikola and started down the path to sexual enlightenment in our quarterly anthologies—available here! We’ve published 16 full-color pages of her story already, and eight more will appear in our next one on January 1. When we’ve finished the first volume of her graphic novel (36 pages total), we’ll release them separately—in censored and uncensored versions!

Free Sample

If you’re not ready to purchase, download our free sample of Tracy Queen to taste this delicious, dark, demented story!

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