The Tracy Queen Holiday Gift Guide, 2017!


Image by Jayel Draco

Look, the holidays can be mondo stressful, especially when your gift list is full of feminists, sci-fi fans, and perverts. Trust me, I know. I have to shop for an electrical engineer who’s a racoon, an army of cyborg-clone warriors, and a bunch of porn stars every year! But hey, check it out! Oneshi Press, the publisher of a graphic novel about moi, has a bunch of solutions for you! You can get parts of my graphic novel, merch featuring yours truly and much more, and even a subscription to the Oneshi Press Patreon for your loved ones, to be sure that this graphic novel keeps on going! So, here’s a gift guide for your one-stop Tracy Queen holiday shopping!

Tracy Queen: The Graphic Novel

  • Tracy Queen - Cover - by Jayel Draco - half resolutionIt’ll still be a while until the first standalone volume of the graphic novel Tracy Queen will be available. BUT! It’s being published, eight pages at a time, in the Oneshi Press Anthology, alongside other amazing short comics from indie creators. The two anthologies that have been published so far are out in print and digital formats at the Oneshi Press Store!
    • Pro tip: The print editions of the anthologies are limited first editions! There are less than 200 of each in the whole world! Get one now before they’re gone forever!

Tracy Queen Merch

  • Mugs!If the feminist, sex-positive sci-fi fanatics on your list already have the Oneshi Press anthologies, I’ve got great news! They can take a little piece of ME home with them now,! Shirts, mugs, tote bags, notebooks, buttons, pillowcases, wall art, shower curtains (?!), and more are available at the Oneshi Press StoreSociety6 and Zazzle! All feature original art by Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco, and every purchase helps keep Oneshi Press publishing!
    • Pro tip: I personally drink my frapalapadingdong (fuerte) from a Tarmucks mug, because I love Tarmucks!

The Oneshi Press Patreon

  • submissions oneshi press quarterly anthology tracy queenIf you know someone who loves getting the royal treatment (like I do), a subscription to the Oneshi Press Patreon is the perfect gift! Rewards include exclusive art downloads, complimentary comics, discounts on books, art prints, letters from characters, and more! Each pledge helps fund the creation, publication, and expansion of the Tracy Queen graphic novel and universe!
    • Pro tip: Patreon subscribers get custom-made art commissions by Jayel Draco, created live on Twitch! He can turn patrons into characters in my story! (He’s good, too. Check out his other commissions on his website!)

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