Gruss vom Krampus!


Gruss vom Krampus!

Aaaahahahaha, you guys, I love messing with Nikola. He acts all big and bad with his drug habit and his street smarts, but he’s a total mush. At holiday time he just wants to get dressed up as an elf and drink eggnog and decorate the Christmas tree.

I think it’s great that he’s such a softie! But sometimes I just can’t help myself! So, this year, the Drones helped me create the world’s only sexy Krampus costume. When he went to get into his elf costume, I put it on and hid behind the tree while one of the Generation 2 Drones got ready with a camera. Then, when Nikola came in, I jumped out and screamed “Gruss vom Krampus!” at him and OMG THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!

So glad I got a picture! And thanks to Jayel Draco at Oneshi Press for making this fabulous illustration of the photo! I love it utterly and without inhibition.

Happy (all the) Holidays!

Anyway, happy holidays to you all, my lovely darlings! I love you all! Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it’s fantastic! Me? I like to celebrate as many as possible.

See, I was raised without any holidays, really. My grandfather kept me pretty sheltered, and he didn’t really care about holidays, so I didn’t really get to celebrate anything. Since I’ve gotten away from him, I’ve researched a lot of them and I think they’re all wonderful! So, Gruss vom Krampus! Happy Hanukkah! Blessed Yule! Merry Christmas! Joyous Kwanzaa! And hey, happy Festivus, while I’m at it!

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