Installment #03 of my graphic novel is HERE!

installment three tracy queen page

Aaaaah I’m so excited! There are now 24 pages of the graphic novel about ME out in the world! It’s been a long time coming. The writer, Lynsey G., started working on it in 2012. And the artist, Jayel Draco, got in on the action way back in 2013. It’s taken a while, but now the whole thing is finally happening!

Eight pages at a time are coming out in every issue of the Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology, along with other short comics by creators from around the freakin’ world. The most recent one—Anthology #03—features installment #03 (pages 17 – 24) of the graphic novel about my life. I show off some of my unique skill set and reveal how I learned it…before I start to teach myself another skill set. The sexy kind. That moment of liberation when I taught myself how to masturbate! Hey! Don’t laugh! It was huge! And it led me down the path toward freedom from the life of crime and violence I’d been living.

But installment #03 of my story is just the start! There’s an installment of Lomack, the comic about a mutated warrior at the end of the world, from Miguel Colón. A supervillain luring a superhero into a life of crime in “Trouble with a Capital T” by Michael Norwitz and Kevin Sheely. And eight pages of PACK, Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco’s serial comic about vigilante dogs and corrupt politicians. Then “Breaking Point,” a tale of terror and paranoia in deep space, by Christopher Matusiak and Andre Short! And it’s all wrapped up by Brendan Rowe and Tom Barton’s “Scripture,” a vision of the far future when humankind desperately needs a hero…or a superhero. There’s also cover art by Akhilesh, guest art by yukidogzombie and Locust Farms, and lettering by Cardinal Rae, Nikki Powers, and Tom Barton. It’s bananas how much fabulousness is packed into these 64 pages.

You should definitely buy it. You can get it in limited-edition paperback or e-book from the Oneshi Press Store…and you might want to stock up on the previous two anthologies while you’re there, so you won’t miss a single page of my epic journey to badassdom.

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