Tracy Queen Fan Art!

Some of my favorite artists have submitted fan art of me to the folks over at Oneshi Press!!! This is sooooo cool! I’m not gonna lie. I love it that people are so into me that they’re creating original art of me! I mean, talk about flattering! So far Oneshi Press has been publishing this fan art in their quarterly comics anthologies, along with the eight-page installments of my graphic novel.

And even cooler? More people have been asking about doing fan art of me for future anthologies! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see it in print!

Check out this beautiful work by Jason R. Johnson (aka Jsquared), Xavier Hart (aka LocustFarms), and X Cat Darkness!

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Tracy Queen Fan Art by Jason R. Johnson aka Jsquared
Guest Art by Jason R. Johnson aka Jsquared

Jason R. Johnson’s Fan Art

ZOMG! Check out this fantastic fan art of Nikola, Howie-Blob, my fave Schwiskey, and ME by Jason R. Johnson (aka Jsquared)! How cool!!!!

When the Oneshi Press folks asked him why he wanted to make fan art of me, he said: “When I first saw Tracy Queen, I thought she was one of the most crazy, unique characters I had ever come across. It’s as if she has a real presence, like Jessica Rabbit from Roger Rabbit mixed with the old classic kung-fu movies. What captivated me to draw her and Howie was the emotional connection between them. I know for most, at first glance, he is just a blob—and a disgusting one at that! [But] the more you read into Howie and Tracy, you realize that there is more to Howie and you just can’t help but love the gassy fellow.

“Jayel Draco and his art have a way of inspiring people to open their mind and create art from your soul. Not many have that gift, and it’s something that has taught me that the world is a work of art and we should treat it like one.”

Wow Jason, that’s awesome! You’re awesome! Thank you for being not just a great fan, but an amazing artist, too!

Find more of Jason’s work at:
jsquared.digital | facebook.com/j2artist | twitch.tv/imjasquared | twitter.iamjasonjohnson

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Tracy Queen Fan Art by Xaxier Hart aka LocustFarms
Guest Art by Xaxier Hart aka LocustFarms

Xavier Hart’s Fan Art

WHAT!? Xavier Hart (aka LocustFarms) made this awesome fan art of me! What an honor!!!

Oneshi Press asked Xavier why he decided to do fan art of me. He said: “I wanted to do fan art of Tracy because I was attracted to her features of being a very attractive, yet fierce, female character. It’s not often I see a character expressed the way she is. She is a balanced being. Plus illustrating her in what could be considered ‘casual’ attire was a lot of fun to do. Perhaps I will have some different outfits for her in future pieces…”

Heck yeah, Xavier! I’m down to model whatever outfit you want to draw me in! I’m so looking forward to it, and I know the peeps at Oneshi Press are too!

Find more of Xaviers’s work at:
twitch.tv/locustfarms | instagram.com/xavier_hart | twitter.com/Locust_Farms |
facebook.com/TheArtofXavierHartTracy Queen - yellow divider line

Tracy Queen Fan Art by X Cat Darkness
Guest Art by X Cat Darkness

X Cat Darkness’s Fan Art

You guys! Check out this amazing fan art of me by X Cat Darkness! Yippie!

When asked about what made him decide to do fan art of yours truly, X Cat had this to say about it: “I wanted to draw something of yours [Oneshi Press’s] because I thought it would be fun to join in… I really like the green and gold, thought it would be fun to take that idea and run with it a bit and add in a bit of the glowy magic. I like to draw!”

Find more of X Cat’s work at:
twitch.tv/xcatdarkness | twitter.com/xcatdarkness | dragonkan.deviantart.com

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Tracy Queen Art Made Live on Twitch.tv!

Most of these artists got to know about me by watching Jayel Draco’s live-stream on Twitch, where he makes art for my graphic novel (and other Oneshi Press projects) on Tuesday and Thursday nights! That means there’s a live-stream coming up tonight! Sign in after 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time to check it out!

Wanna do your own Tracy Queen guest art?!

If so, write to the Oneshi Press creative team info@oneshipress.com! They’re always interested in submissions of original fan art of me (or any of their other characters, TBH). If they accept your work they’ll definitely do their best to promote it and share your links all around town…I will too!

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