I got a shout-out on the radio!

Tracy Queen - 2015/03/05 - Shout out on a Radio Show - Sex City

Lynsey G (the person writing a graphic novel about me) was on Sex City last week and she and gave me a shout-out and it ruled!

Sex City is a great show that I love listening to on quiet Tuesday evenings, where they talk about all things sex, especially sex-positivity and progress in the acceptance of fringe sexualities and stuff . . . so I was super stoked at the sweet plug when I heard it!

The coolest thing is that Jon Pressick, the host of the show, asked her about the graphic novel she’s making about me, which means he’s excited to read it! And if he is, I bet a bunch of other people are, too! I feel so honored to have public interest in my lil’ life. Thank you, Jon, and thank you, Sex City, and thank you CIUT 89.5 in Toronto, and thank you, Lynsey G, for writing this book about me, and thank you, Jayel Draco, for illustrating it! You’re all my heroooos!

You can listen to the episode of Sex-City where Lynsey G. mentions me here (the plug comes at the verrrry end, but it’s a nice juicy one–all good plugs are nice and juicy, ahahaha!):

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”http://lynseyg.com/mp3s/2-030116-SexCity.mp3″]

Tracy Queen - yellow divider lineCheck out the Sex City radio show, I just know you’ll love it like I do!

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