Happy Spring Holidays!

spring holidays love bunny tracy queen by jayel draco

As your Love Bunny of spring holidays, I’m bringing goodies to people of every faith to celebrate the season of fertility and rebirth and sexiness! AND I’m also bringing you copies of the 4th Oneshi Press Anthology! Surprise! They’re out now in super-duper limited edition trade paperback at the Oneshi Press store, and digitally from ComiXology!

Tracy Queen

Look, pages 25-32 of the graphic novel about me are in this anthology! I kick a bunch of ass and learn a little more about my best friend Nikola…and I learn how to webcam!

Other Comics

There are also six other amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, wonderful creator-owned indie comics! They’ve got space trash, dog fights, government experiments, oracles, and…a donkey. But hey, a really freaking cool Greek donkey! I swear! There’s even guest art and artist spotlights! And the cover art is fantastic! Seriously, you’re gonna love it.

Order Now

So hop on over to the Oneshi Press store and grab a copy of Oneshi Press Anthology #04 today! You’ll make this Love Bunny’s spring holidays!

PS, don’t you LOVE this illustration of me with my Drones in all our spring glory? It’s by Jayel Draco!

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