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I’m not even going to act like I’m not bragging, because I totally am. Folks, I am basically the ruler of the internet right now. Seriously. People are so psyched about the first volume of the graphic novel about me! The writer of the book, Lynsey G., has been interviewed twice about it, and big-deal adult industry publications are excited enough to publish articles!


People wanted to hear from the writer behind the worlds-first sex-positive graphic novel about a criminal-turned-camgirl-turned-warlord, so Lynsey G. sat down to talk to interviewers at two publications…

  • Women’s lifestyle website She Does the City interviewed Tracy Queen author and Oneshi Press co-founder Lynsey G. They discussed interest in writing about sex work, her inspirations, and the challenges in writing and publishing a kickass, sex-positive, female character! Here’s a little nibble from the interview:
    “Tracy stumbles into sex work via webcamming but discovers that she loves the work: she can be her own boss, work from home, express herself creatively and sexually, and feel empowered by doing exactly what she wants and feeling good about it.
    Now, read the rest! “Meet Tracy Queen: The Sex-Positive Killer Camgirl Redefining the Comic Superhero” at She Does the City!
  • Next, Lynsey chatted with SciFiPulse about her career as a writer, representation of sex workers in the media, and the science fiction inspirations behind my story! Here’s a taste:
    “Filmmakers, producers, publishers, and more would be frankly silly not to create media around these topics. Adult entertainment is more in the public eye than ever before, but there are still relatively few books, shows, movies, and so on that treat it with respect. There’s huge opportunity there, I think.
    Next, read the whole interview! “Lynsey G Discusses Her Career, Learning from the Adult Entertainment Industry, and Her Graphic Novel ‘Tracy Queen’” at SciFiPulse!


Grab your own copy of Tracy Queen, Volume 1 in print or digital format at the Oneshi Press Store!

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