@TheTracyQueen – I got a Twitter account, baby!


Tracy Queen - Illustrated Golden Queen Bee LogoI know, I know. Everyone’s always telling me I don’t have enough “social media presence” and I’m always like, “WHO CARES ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA because I’m already famous, bitches!” But then I realized, since I’ve been so busy I can hardly ever get on my blog anymore… I could use twitter to take fan questions and answer them a lot faster!

Soooo I got a Twitter! I haven’t used it much yet but maybe I’ll get better at it. Say hi, ask me some questions, and stuff! I’ll see you on the interwebz! my uh, handle(?) is: @TheTracyQueen

Of course I’m also still at home at tracyqueen.com, so visit me there, too!

@TheTacyQueen | twitter.com/thetracyqueen

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