I’m Back, Baby! (On Kickstarter)

The folks at Oneshi Press just launched a Kickstarter for issue 3 of my epic comic book series!

You can grab issues 1-3 in print and digital. Plus, there are with so many other rewards, like art prints, stickers, a custom mini-fig of ME, and even a totally posable, 6″ action figure of ME!

Visit “Tracy Queen, #1-3: I Want More”!

tracy queen kickstarter launch

About the Series:

TRACY QUEEN is an epic, NSFW, spectacular, pleasure-positive, sci-fi roller coaster of a graphic novel being told across eight volumes by IPPY Award–winning author Lynsey G (Watching Porn, PACK) and celebrated illustrator Jayel Draco (Children of Gaia, PACK).

It’s about ME, of course. And, if you don’t know, well, here’s the story…

I’m the granddaughter of a powerful organized crime boss, and I was raised as a secret weapon—a deadly enforcer with a brilliant scientific mind and a sensual allure few could resist. But then I decided to leave a life of violence to pursue empowerment through pleasure.

Now, I fund my independence with adult cam shows, and I’m kind of a huge phenomenon indie smut has ever seen! But everybody wants a piece of my success, dammit. My criminal past keeps coming back to haunt me, and now the king of mainstream smut is after me, too! Ugh!

So I did what anyone would do.

I got my supergenius raccoon BFF to help create an army of cyborg-clones to take over the worl—er, defend my newfound freedom

Check out issues 1-3, now available on Kickstarter!

tracy queen kickstarter

About V3: I Want More

In Tracy Queen, V3: I Want More, my story and cam show both heat up! My growing internet fame and fortune aren’t enough to me satisfied, so I doubles down and discover a whole new world of excitement…and profit.

But my runaway success doesn’t go unnoticed, and soon my grandfather’s ever-watchful crime syndicate discovers my secret, at great cost to one of my friends.

tracy queen kickstarter

Meanwhile, p(o)rn kingpin Dickie Doublefinger and the traitor Natasha Blue are deepening their creepy obsession with me. It’s not a cute look.

The pressure drives me to the brink, leading me to make a desperate and devious decision that catapults me toward a battle to defend my hard-earned empowerment…

Want a taste of what’s in store? Get the first 16 pages of my epic story TOTALLY free right here!

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