I Want More & I’m Coming…Again!

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It’s been a while since the last issue of the comic book series Oneshi Press is making about me. But I’m coming back, baby, and I’m better than ever. Here’s everything you need to know.

About the Comic

The series is all about me! In case you’re late to the party…

Once the heir to an international crime syndicate, I broke away from my grandfather’s violent “business” when I discovered my own power…by becoming a (super-freaking-successful) adult webcam model.

With the help of my BFF—a talking raccoon with a drug problem named Nikola—I took the world of independent adult film by storm. Soon, I became a full-fledged star in the world of indie smut, but all that success draws the attention of those would seek to control her…

It’s all written by Lynsey G, illustrated by Jayel Draco with inks by Jeff Foulsham and flats by Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba, and lettering by Cardinal Rae. Issues 1 and 2 are already printed, and now it’s time to fund issue 3!

Tracy Queen V3: I Want More

tracy queen v3 i want more
Cover art by Asinjuasflora
Tracy Queen wants moar illustrated by jayel Draco
Tracy Queen wants MOAR!!!

In issue 3 of the pulp-sci-fi, sex-positive series, I realize that I’m no longer satisfied with the same old cam shows. I need more…more profit, more power, and more scene partners!

But all that activity draws the attention of the “King of Smut,” who’s desperate to get a cut of my earnings, not to mention majorly intimidated by my power. Plus, my gross grandfather, who swears he’s out to “protect” me, won’t leave me—or my scene partners—alone.

As my fame continues to skyrocket, I start cracking under the pressure, until I’m making a desperate decision that will change everything…

Featuring cover art by Asinjuasflora, with a slammin’ alternate cover (to be revealed) by Diana Camero, V3: I Want More will be a 52-page roller coaster you don’t want to miss! (Hint: It’s got more sexiness in it than the previous issues, too.)

And, if you need to catch up on my adventures so far, don’t worry…you can grab issues 1 and 2 during the April 5 – May 5 Kickstarter campaign, too!

Reach Out and Follow Me

Issues 1-3 in print and digital

The pre-launch page for V3: I Want More is live now on Kickstarter, awaiting the April 5 launch!

This campaign will include everything from print and digital copies of all three issues of Tracy Queen, stickers, postcards, art prints… And a custom-made minifig of me! AND a 6-inch, fully posable action figure—OF ME!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this campaign.

So go ahead… Hit the “Notify Me on Launch” button on the pre-launch page so you’ll be the first in line when the campaign goes live!

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Want a taste of what I’ve got in store? Get the first 16 pages of my epic story TOTALLY free right here!

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