A Pride Party and Twitter Party

It’s finally puh-riiiiide month!!! You know I love pride festivities, and last year’s were a huge bummer because, well, there weren’t any. So this year’s pride month feels even more celebratory, and I am here for it. Pride is back, I’m back, , and I’m queer-er and here-er than ever! To celebrate, here are two amazing things related to pride—and to me—that you might enjoy! One’s a story, and one’s an invitation.

A Story About You and Me at Pride

My pals at Oneshi Press wrote this adorable little story about how you might me at a pride party, and I’m just… Squee! It’s so dreamy! And it goes with this gorgeous digital painting of moi by Jayel Draco. Here’s a snippet:

Picture it. You’re at an outdoor gathering to celebrate Pride Month 2021. It’s warm and sunny, you’re out among people for maybe the first time in a long time. There’s music playing, people dancing, and rainbow flags everywhere. You’re enjoying the ambiance of people being themselves, celebrating love and self-expression. 

Go read the story at the Oneshi Press blog!

Sex Talk Tuesday, Here I Come!

Next Tuesday—June 22, right smack in the middle of pride!—I’ll be participating in #SexTalkTuesday on Twitter! #SexTalkTuesday is a fab weekly discussion about sexuality hosted by [NSFW] Sssh.com, one of the longest-running adult sites for women on the internet.

It takes the form of a live Twitter event from 8-9PM EST (7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific) every Tuesday evening. On June 22, the @SexTalkTuesday account will tweet out my questions with the hashtag #SexTalkTuesday, and YOU, darling reader, are invited to interact with those tweets! I think we’re gonna be talking about erotic art. Comic art, like ME! And erotica. And animation. And fursonas. And video games. And more!

I’ll be interacting on the threads from my own Twitter, offering opinions, maybe advice, even more questions if they come along! So if you want to get in on the conversation, come by on Tuesday. I’d love to see you there!

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