I Support Black Lives—And You Can, Too

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I. Am. Furious. I may be a fictional character, but I’m still protesting. The violence against Black, brown, and indigenous people in the United States must end. So I’m doing something to help the cause of dismantling systems of oppression, along with Oneshi Press.

So here’s an art print to raise money for the cause. (And also where I look super badass.)

Oneshi Press’s co-founder and resident artist, Jayel Draco, made an image of me to support the cause. In it, I’m pissed. I’m masked. I’m decked out in BLM and pride gear. And I’m ready with my gallon MLK. I fuckin’ love this gorgeous image!

But it’s more than just an image: All proceeds from sales of this print will be donated directly to the Black Lives Matter movement—forever. Oneshi Press will start by donating to bail funds and legal support for protesters. Then, as the situation develops, they’ll donate proceeds directly to Black Lives Matter, Black Visions, and other organizations working to dismantle systemic racism in America. You can read more about their commitment to supporting the Black Lives Matter cause at their blog.

So, hey. If you want to support the cause and nab some gorgeous art all at once, well. You know what to do. The print is now available from the Oneshi Press store in a variety of sizes! Get yours and support the cause!

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