I’m Back! Volume 2 Is Kickstarting NOW!

Tracy's Back

I’m back, people.

Last year, the first volume of the graphic novel about ME was released by Oneshi Press! With writing from sex-positive author Lynsey G, illustrations by Jayel Draco, lettering by Cardinal Rae, and cover art by stevieraedrawn, it was met with rave reviews by comics fans, porn-industry insiders, and readers alike.

I guess the world just wants more sex-positive, sci-fi adventures starring badass women and talking raccoons! That’s why it’s so exciting that Volume 2 of the graphic novel—Dangerous Experiments—is Kickstarting RIGHT THE HELL NOW!

The campaign launched today and goes till March 20. First-day backers have access to some sweet early-bird rewards, so get your butts over there!


About Tracy Queen

Tracy Queen, Volume 2: Dangerous Experiments brings back everyone’s favorite warrior-turned-camgirl, me! In this second volume of my epic adventures, readers will journey back into the biggest, baddest, beautiful-est, most sex-positive-est, wildest, and hands-down (-your-pants!) coolest graphic novel of its kind.

This ongoing graphic novel began last year with Tracy Queen, Volume 1, where I broke free of my grandfather’s crime syndicate to pursue a life of pleasure as an adult webcam model. But my journey to self-discovery and empowerment won’t come easily…

tracy queen first scene v2 dangerous experiments kickstarter

About V2: Dangerous Experiments

When we meet back up in Dangerous Experiments, I’ve become an established webcammer doing solo shows for her growing fan base. But I’m sooooo bored. My grandfather is watching my every goddamn move. I have no excuse to use my sword. I’m so freaking sick of her raccoon roommate and his incessant coke habit.

I need more…but I’m not sure what that means.

Then I discover some of her grandfather’s men sneaking into the drugs-and-weapons warehouse. Except this time, they’re moving very different “merchandise.” My boredom turns to vengeance in the blink of an eye, and soon I’ve dispatched the henchmen and freed four young women from a horrific fate. Now, I can see my mission clearly: To challenge harmful tropes about female sexuality by creating consensual porn that highlights female agency. I’m going to take back the power!

But first I’ve got to help the women I’ve rescued get home, transform my warehouse into a film studio, and learn how to vet and shoot with on-screen partners. To do all that, I must wade through my grandfather’s surveillance and the meddling of Dickie Doublefinger, the super-gross “King of Porn” who’s determined to get me to work for him, no matter what.

Along the way, I learn my BFF Nikola the raccoon’s tragic backstory, create a shocking new enemy, and earn a lovestruck suitor I never wanted.

There’s betrayal! Hope! Love! Hate! And lots of sex! It’s all in Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Epxeriments!

tracy queen $250 reward tier v2 dangerous experiments kickstarter

What’s In It For You?

Starting at pledge levels as low as $5, every backer will receive a copy of Dangerous Experiments in print and/or digital format! Featuring first-day-only early-bird specials, gorgeous art prints, Tracy Queen paper dolls, PDF downloads galore, guest art, and so much more, this campaign will be as wild a ride as Tracy’s webcam shows!

tracy queen v2 dangerous experiments nikola grinning

Who’s Behind This?

Writer Lynsey G and illustrator Jayel Draco return to the world of Tracy Queen in Dangerous Experiments. This time they’re joined by cover artist Tangmo Cecchinni, flat colorist Flattsquat, letterer Cardinal Rae, and guest artists Shayden Grimm, Dylan J. Fox, Sophia Murphy, and Shayden!

Nikola on the battlefield with Tracy as the face down Dickie Doublefingers Adult star Army

What Can You Do?

Every pledge helps me toward my goal, and so does every social media share, every mention to a friend or family member, every review of Volume 1, every blog post, every podcast, and everything else! If you can support the Kickstarter, great! If not, I’d love your help in spreading the word!

Thanks a bunch! Smooches! xoxoxo

—Tracy Queen

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