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tracy queen on pornhub why not battlefield shot

I’m on Pornhub at Last!

It’s been a long time coming (hahaha!)…but I’m finally on Pornhub, in my skimpy-as-hell armor that I designed for myself. Also in some lingerie. There might even be a flash of me nude in there… Find out here. (Link is to an NSFW platform! Click with caution!)

Hahahaha, made you look! Okay, so it’s true that I am on Pornhub. But it’s also kind of a trick, because it’s actually the video that Oneshi press made to promote the Kickstarter to fund Volume 2 of the book about me.

But I think it’s hilarious. And I’m pretty psyched to be on the world’s most popular streaming site! Maybe, if this Kickstarter goes well and I can find the time and money, I’ll see if I can’t make some actual sexy videos for Pornhub… Could be fun. What do you think?

take the character quiz to find out which character from Tracy Queen best matches your personality - CLICK HERE

What Tracy Queen Character Are You? Take the Quiz!

I fucking love online personality quizzes, okay? Give me a frappalappachinno I love finding out what pizza flavor (everything), Wes Anderson film (Grand Budapest Hotel), and mythical creature (pegasus) I am, according to some weirdo at Buzzfeed. I have spent countless hours categorizing myself by Hogwarts house (Gryffinclaw), Meyers-Briggs personality type (ENFJ), lip gloss color (matte mauve for some reason?)… You name it.

And now…I’m freaking thrilled to present: A fan-generated Tracy Queen personality quiz!

NBD, I’m totally a Tracy.

Although once I had some wine and retook it and got Natasha Blue?! I’m not okay with that.

But anyway, which character are you? Tell me in the comment below!

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