One Week to Go! Videos! Podcasts! Articles! Woah!

tracy queen dramatic one week kickstarter

There’s exactly one week left to fund Volume 1 of my graphic novel! I’m so nervous, everybody! But lucky for me, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s been made, posted, recorded, and written this week. I’m trying to keep myself occupied with videos, podcasts, and articles. And there will be more coming in the next week, so hopefully I’ll stay busy…instead of refreshing the Kickstarter page every ten seconds. For seven days.

Women Write About Comics Guest Post!

The author of the graphic novel, Lynsey G., wrote a guest post for the fantastic website Women Write About Comics! It’s all about why stories about sex workers are so important, and why comics, in particular, are the way to go. Here’s a nibble:

The world of sequential art is largely untouched by stories about sex workers, much less stories where sex workers are the heroes. But there’s something magical about sequential art that makes its characters accessible, no matter how different they are from their readers. And Tracy, though her life is packed with hyperbole, pulp sci-fi, and over-the-top adventures, really isn’t much different from “the rest of us.” In sequential art, I see an opportunity to introduce readers to someone who’s not only funny, relatable, flawed, gorgeous, and deeply human…but who also chooses, for her very own, very valid reasons, to start making porn. And discovers that not only does she enjoy it—she thrives on it.

Read the rest at Women Write About Comics!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast!

Lynsey G. also went on this week’s episode of Wayne’s Comics Podcast, part of the Major Spoilers network, to talk about Oneshi Press…especially my graphic novel! It’s a fun and breezy listen, so check it out right here.

New Videos About ME!

There are two new videos about the graphic novel, myself, and the Kickstarter! They’re like music to my ears and eyes…how about you?

Stay tuned for more as the final week of the Kickstarter ticks down!

This campaign ends on Thanksgiving here in the US…so, like, maybe help me have something to be thankful for? Is that too cheesy? Oh well, too late! I said it!

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