Look! A Kickstarter Video!

The campaign to fund the first volume of the graphic novel about yours truly now has its very own, snazzy-ass Kickstarter video! It stars the writer, Lynsey G., the illustrator, Jayel Draco, and super-f**king-awesome fan Deus Nova! There’s slick-as-heck animation, a sneak peek inside the book, and even my own theme music! The whole nine yards, as they say. (WTF does that even mean?)

Anyway, check out the sweetness below, or head straight to the Kickstarter page to watch the video there (and then share the hell out of it, of course)!

So here are your marching orders, Drones: Share the Kickstarter video with your friends, followers, fans, family, and literally anybody else you possibly can! I need this book to get published so I can spread the word about sex-positivity, radical self-acceptance, and, like, badassery. The more you share the word about the campaign, the better the chances that’ll happen.

So… SHARE IT. That’s an order!

And remember, if you post it on social media, link to the Kickstarter campaign, and use the hashtag #tracyqueeniscoming! That ensures that the folks at Oneshi Press will see it and be able to say thanks! You might even get emoji kisses from me!

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