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It’s happening, people! The second issue of the heckin’ badass story of moi is almost here. On May 27, Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments will go live on the Oneshi Press store. But there aren’t many copies of the limited-edition trade paperback, so reserve yours now!

About V2: Dangerous Experiments

When we left off at the end of Volume 1, I’d just met my BFF froroever, Nikola the raccoon. When I got all fidgety, he recommended I learn to get myself off, and WOAH. That was amazing. Suddenly, I realized I could do shit for myself. So I left the crime syndicate that raised me. And then I started a new career as an adult webcam model. It was frikkin’ lit.

In V2: Dangerous Experiments, I’ll continue on my merry way toward a life of pleasure! I’ll explore new possibilities! Save lives and kick ass! And start changing the world—with my vagina. And with a new film studio. Oh, and with the help of my first-ever co-stars in erotic films. I’m also going to make some new friends…and some new enemies. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

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Clocking in at 52 gorgeous, full-color pages, these trade paperbacks won’t last long. Reserve yours now!

Written by Lynsey G and illustrated by Jayel Draco. Cover art by Tangmo Cecchini, lettering by by Cardinal Rae, and flats by Flattsquat. Also featuring guest art by Shaydens DoodleJason JohnsonDylan Jay Fox, and Sophia Murphy.

Sponsored by Bad Dragon—what’s your fantasy?

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