Volume 2 Is Funded! Thank you!

Oh. Em. Freaking. GEE, folks. It happened! After a surprise, last-minute extension that gave the campaign an extra week, the Kickstarter for Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments was fully funded last Friday! I can hardly believe it! For a while there, it looked unlikely. But you, my darling fans and followers and friends, made it happen! You fucking RULE!

The book you funded!

I’m SO excited for all of you to read the second volume of my journey. The writing by Lynsey G is badass—and it totally tells my story COMPLETELY ACCURATELY. Okay?

The illustrations by Jayel Draco are stunning. Plus, you’ll finally learn Nikola’s origin story! And how I met Natasha Blue! And who the heck is this Dickie Doublefinger guy you’ve heard so much about? Oh, and you’ll get your first glimpse of my sweet Howie. I miss Howie.

The art!

Anyway, now that the book is funded, backers are getting lots of art, too. Art prints galore! Jayel Draco has been busy making awesome art prints of yours truly for delivery to backers.

Oh! And Jayel Draco is far from the only artist attached to the project. There are now SIX other artists involved in Dangerous Experiments! First of all, the cover art was made by the amazing Tangmo Cecchini. Check this gorgeousness out!

tracy queen v2 dangerous experiments wraparound cover tangmo cecchini

Then, inside the pages of the issue, there are four chapter covers created by Shaydens Doodle, Jason Johnson, Dylan Jay Fox, and Sophia Murphy!

And that’s not all. On top of art prints and hand-drawn doodles and sketches by Jayel Draco, backers are getting hand-drawn character sketches by the fantastically talented Pink Pitcher! (By the way, her comic, Root & Branch, is AMAZING and you’ll love it.)

tracy queen fan art by pink pitcher

The other rewards!

OMG, there’s also digital and print copies of PACK #1 and #2, starring my imaginary boyfriend Patience! And comics anthologies like woah! Plus stickers! And postcards! And mothafucking TOTE BAGS.

Oh! And, because of the stretch goals, every single backer is getting the first eight pages of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter before anybody else! Not too shabby.

Clearly, I’m really excited about all this.

Now that it’s funded, the book will be available digitally VERY soon, with the print version close on its heals! Stay tuned for more announcements about those!

And in the meantime…thank you so much for your support. You’re all the damn best.

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