What’s My Star Sign?

Tracy Queen - Caprittarius Star Sign

A lot of fans over the years have asked me about my astrological star sign, but I never responded. I kind of thought astrology was stupid. I mean, I’m a scientist. With a degree in biochemistry and advanced real-world experience with genetic engineering. Astrology seemed like hooey.

But then Lynsey G, the writer who’s making a graphic novel about me, wrote this piece on Luna Luna about What’s Your Labyrinth Zodiac Sign? And I love Labyrinth! So I read it and that took me down this long, long path, learning about astrology. I basically did nothing for the past few days except learn allllll about myself and like HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS it’s so so so true!

So my birthday is December 19, so I’m a Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp (sun sign) with a Gemini moon and Scorpio rising. (Also I’m a Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac and Elder Tree in Celtic Tree Zodiac, in case you were wondering.) But the main thing is, I’m a Sag-Cap cusp–or, as I like to call it, a Sapricorn! Or a Caprittarius!

Ooh, not sure which I like better.

Anyway, I fit my star sign designation to like a literal T, you guys. The cusp (the convergence of two signs) I was born in is called “The Cusp of Prophecy,” and people born in it tend to be extremely driven by revolutionary goals that their hard work and passion actually make them able to achieve. We’re spirited and visionary and moody, but we’re also dedicated, disciplined, and driven, so we get shit done. Like becoming a world-famous indie porn sensation entirely on my own? Or designing, engineering, raising, and training an entire army? (We’re also loyal, so naturally I’ll credit my bestie Nikola with helping me do all of this.)

The fact that I’m curious, witty, and charming, but also prone to moodiness and emotional vapidity is because I’m a Gemini rising. Go figure! Hah!

Caprittarius | Capricorn-Sagittarius Star Sign Cusp | Illustration by Jayel Draco
Caprittarius by Jayel Draco

Annnnd I’m basically a force to be reckoned with in everything I do, thanks to my Scoprio rising.


So basically I’m SO glad I started looking into astrology because I feel SO GOOD about this! Like, I know myself better now, lol!

Anyway, my friend Jayel Draco (who’s illustrating the graphic novel about me, hehehe) made me this GORGEOUS illustration of myself as a Sapricorn/Caprittarius!

Isn’t it divine?!

Love that guy.


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