Free Sample of a Graphic Novel about ME!

free sample tracy queen oneshi press
Click the image to get the free sample!

Wheeeee! There is a free sample of the graphic novel that Oneshi Press is making about ME available for download RIGHT NOW! Get it here! It’s free! It’s awesome! You love it!

It will give you a taste of all the crazy shit that I get up to in my life! Like warfare, cyborgs, sex, talking animals, soul-searching, sex, hookahs, world domination, and more sex. Did I mention sex?

Oh, and because of all that sex (so delicious), they’ve kinda-sorta censored the free sample. Don’t want to offend anyone with BEWBS, amirite? (Interesting aside: the violence–complete with blood spurting and people, like, dying, is NOT censored. Ah, America.) But the sample is still pretty NSFW. I kinda think the people at Oneshi don’t really care toooooo much about this whole censorship thing. You’ll see what I mean.

BUT! If you wanna see the sexy goodies in their full glory (including my nips!), get thee over to Oneshi Press’s Patreon page. When you subscribe for five bucks a month or more, they’ll send you all the naughty bits! And, as the graphic novel is made, you’ll have access to even MORE naughty bits! Some will be mine, but some might belong to other people. This is a sex-positive graphic novel about a porn star, after all. Wheee!

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