So much Patience in the PACK Sample!

I just downloaded the free PACK comicbook sampleTQ - Tracy reading PACK sample

Patience has paid off! I mean that in several ways. I’ve been waiting for, like, ever for a chance to read more from the comic book PACK from Oneshi Press. They’ve released a bunch of concept art on the PACK website and on Facebook, but the actual comic isn’t completed yet. The press is raising money in order to finish it (along with the graphic novel about yours truly!).

But I was looking at the concept art and I watched a livestream by the artist, Jayel Draco, while he was drawing the ninth page of PACK, and I kind of developed a huge crush on the main character, whose name is Patience. He’s this lean, mean, totally delicious vigilante who wears a badass metal dog-face mask that he made himself, and runs around Brooklyn delivering justice to criminals with a pack of dogs he lives with, and he’s just so, like… yummy.

So anyway, I patiently waited for Patience, and now! Lo and behold, Oneshi Press has released the first eight pages as a free downloadable sample! You can get it from their Patreon page for totally free, and you can also subscribe to their campaign by donating a few bucks a month, which will help them finish their books and get you some sweet rewards!

Anyway, I read the PACK sample and I loved it! It’s so totally different from anything I’ve seen, and I’m dying to know more about the dogs that make up the PACK! …and, of course, to see more of Patience’s hunkiness.

Download it for free by clicking on the picture below, or the link underneath it!

Oneshi Press - PACK comic book free .pdf sample - BannerClick HERE to download your free sample .pdf of PACK

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