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You might be aware that I’m a big fan of coffee. Okay, a huge fan of coffee. All right, I’m a raving mad coffee addict with a two-pots-a-day habit. And you might also know, given my frequent selfie-taking habit that usually goes along with large cups of java, that my favorite coffee comes from Tarmucks–my friendly neighborhood coffee shop and unscrupulous multinational corporate conglomerate. What you might not know–yet–is that there’s Tarmucks schwag now on Zazzle! Check it out! 

You can get a mug, a pin, a bag, a shirt… I’m going to buy all of these things, I think. Like as soon as my next webcamming check comes in, I think. Maybe I’ll get a mini shirt for Nikola, too. My friend Nikola. He’s small. He’d probably hate it. He thinks coffee addiction is lame, but I’m like HAVE YOU TASTED THEIR SALTED CARAMEL FRAPALAPADINGDONG? Clearly you haven’t. It’s like heaven in a disposable mug. Heaven that kicks you in the teeth with way too  much sugar and then roundhouse-kicks you in the stomach when you’re on your way down with caffeine. Keeps you GOING amirite?

So yeah, Tarmucks schwag will definitely cement my love for their products. And anyway, I love their logo. It’s so, like, in your face. Like, “Yeah we’re evil and corporate but DON’T YOU WANT THIS?”

Badass. Anyway, I’m gonna go get some coffee. Go shopping, readers! Treat yo’self!

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