My Nooky Box arrived!

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You guys! I’m so excited! I signed up for a subscription to Nooky Box and my first one just arrived! It’s filled with loads of wonderful adult-themed stuff, including toys, lube, a sexy story, a hottt playlist, and candy! What a fantastic subscription! I got the quarterly “Sex is Fun” box, which will change every time it arrives and spice up my life.

Tcoolest thing about Nooky Box is that they have a bunch of signature boxes to choose from, too, based on what your tastes and orientation are, and they’re coming up with new ones all the time! So eventually they’ll have something for everrrrybody. Me, I like everrrrything, so I’m going to try all of them if I ever have the time!

I could go on to describe each awesome thing that came in the box, but then I think maybe I’d rather give you lovelies a demonstration on my webcam later. 😉 Stay tuned!

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 Sex Is Fun!

Every quarter The Nooky Box opens your world to new toys and ideas for you to try alone or with a partner. We specially curate each box with a new theme, original erotic stories, thoughtful playlists, high-quality toys and more.

Nooky Box - Yay Sex - logoFinally – a simple and fun way to enhance and embrace your sex life (whether by yourself or with a partner), that is both respectful and discreet.

The Nooky Box is the first and only curated, sex-positive subscription box created with everyone in mind – regardless of relationship status, gender or sexual orientation.

Learn more at: thenookybox.com

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